A Modern Girl's Musings

My earliest political memory is of my parents laughing at me when I asked if we were voting for Ronald Reagan. Even I could tell poor Carter wasn't looking so good. I was about five. I think the laughter was accompanied by something along the lines of "for crying out loud!"

Nevertheless I consider myself a Reagan Baby. Those eight years of my childhood were spent realizing that there was still a lot of work to be done, despite Dr. King, in addition to the Kennedys (a lot of them were still alive then), and hopefully including me (if my Quaker education by the hippies was teaching me anything at all).

So after Reagan, after Clinton, after hiding in those Bushes, I am still hopeful, I am still working on my addition, I'm still on my way to a new way of living in this world.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear Mommy

I would just like to nurse off one and touch the other to make sure it is not going to be taken away from me, is that okay?  Good!  Sorry about the nails, I know they are sharp since I will not let you cut them unless you have an assist from Dad, who has been working almost non stop for the past few weeks, so is never here (LOL, mommy!) so I know that you probably don't like me digging them into your boobs like I do. OH, and, I'll just be here every five minutes til dinner making time, then I will need to be here every two minutes, okay?  Good!  

And do not even think of weaning me.  That is a bad idea.  A definite No No, in my opinion.  And my vote counts.